About Intuition for Life

Intuition for Life was founded by Anneke van Bokhoven and Alissa van Slooten.

Alissa has a background as an intuitive life coach, energy healer and reader, and she is a teacher for yoga and mindfulness for children. She is also a certified facilitator for various transformational techniques, such as Psych-K, Theta Healing and EFT tapping.

Anneke has a background as a school teacher and a yoga teacher. She is an educator for mindfulness trainings in schools and the developer of a kids yoga teacher training. She also is a massage and bodywork therapist. Anneke guides women with transformational healing and self love techniques. She coaches school teachers and management teams in schools with her program ‘Living & teaching from the essence’. In this way she wants to contribute to a smooth transformation in the schoolsystem, where the adults and the children can live a life guided by their intuition.

We both are dedicated to living life the intuitive way. For us this means being open and receptive, aware of synchronicities, and willing to look into experiences with a curiosity and willingness to learn and grow.

By working together within Intuition for Life we join forces. We combine our expertises and together we create our intuition trainings, retreats and workshops. Our trainings are available in Dutch and in English.


Alissa and Anneke


For projects we can also work in co-operation with extra team members. For example when we teach for larger audiences and when we work internationally. In Fuerteventura we work with Sara Rodrialva. Sara speaks English, Spanish and Italian. So if you speak one of these languages you can join the trainings when she is part of the team.

Sara and Alissa