Intuition retreats

Tune in and ride the wave

Intuition retreat in Fuerteventura

5 – 12 June 2021

During this retreat you will re-connect with your innate intuitive capabilities. It’s all about experiencing, while being connected with the heart and the whole. The retreat includes our workshop Healing with the power of gratitude and our intuition training Awaken your hidden powers. We will personally support you in taking your intuitive capacities to the next level: discovering, fine-tuning and deepening your intuition skills.

The benefits of this retreat
  • You will discover your unique way of receiving information
  • You learn how to quickly and easily shift to a relaxed state, which improves clear perception
  • You get the tools to apply your newly discovered intuition in everyday life
  • You are able to make better, more effective choices
  • You feel connected to yourself, the Earth and all of life
  • You experience a clear coherence between your body, your brain and your soul
  • The hemispheres of your brain synchronise, which stimulates the cooperation and harmony between them
  • Parts of the brain that are usually ‘dormant’ are activated, which awakens your intuitive abilities
  • You become more creative and your inspiration increases
  • You will get in tune with the flow of life, where you will recognise synchronicities
Practical information

Dates: Saturday 5 – Saturday 12 June 2021

This retreat will be hosted at 7 Lemons House Yoga Health Retreats: All information about the retreat can be found here

For any questions, feel free to contact us.


Turn on your inner GPS

Intuition retreat including intuition training level 1 and level 2

This 7-day retreat includes both of our full intuition trainings for adults: Awaken your hidden powers and Deepen your intuitive skills. Plus yoga, meditation and liquid breath sessions.

Practical information

Dates: new dates and locations will be planned according to possibilities and upon invitation.

On the 5 training days, the program will be 5 hours of intuition training and classes. There will also be optional morning meditation and yoga classes.

Suitable for both English and Spanish speaking participants.

To book this training or for any questions, feel free to contact us.