We use ‘tapping’ (Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT) to quickly and easily release tension and stress from the body. Tapping can also be used to loosen and let go of limiting beliefs, and even for releasing outdated patterns and energy blocks.


With tapping, we start by acknowledging and accepting how we feel. Once this space of awareness and relaxation is established, we can actively choose a new perspective and a refreshing way of experiencing a situation. Which opens doors to manifesting new and desired outcomes.


We find that tapping is easy, simple and accessible to learn. And at the same time it’s highly effective and profound. It helps us free up our energy and gets us in the right direction: on the path of creating our high frequency life.


Centering meditation. When our attention is focused and we’re centred in our own energy, then it’s much more easy to ‘attune our radio receiver’ to the right frequency. We can then receive the helpful information that is being broadcasted.


With Qi-boosting exercises we can feel and experience the energy that is in us and all around us. Awakening and activating the ‘qi’ within our body and energy field makes us feel our inner power.


We each have innate inner wisdom that provides answers directly from infinite intelligence. In meditation and visualisation we can ask for guidance on life themes and questions. During or after the exercises we take a moment to contemplate the received insights and inspiration. And taking notes for an inspired-actions-to-do-list : )


Brain gym exercises combined with music from the 80’s… to enhance essential functions of the brain, synchronise the hemispheres, and… have fun! Let’s get physical – and let’s get super present in the body. So that we can embody what we learn and take action to manifest and realise our dreams.


Getting the information flow running starts with daring to say out loud what information is coming through from your intuition. In the beginning, the main challenge is to stay relaxed and to release – or park – thoughts about ‘having to get it right’.


Meditation and having the attention on the breath helps the children to center, and to focus on the information they wish to receive. Once children learn this they can return to this state whenever they like, during practice and in daily life.


Getting familiar with the energy vibration of the color of an object, so that it can later be found and identified with eyes closed.


Introduction to the idea of sensing colors without seeing them.


“If you just knew what color it is… then what would it be?”


“Yes! Got it!”


Happy about the newly discovered superpowers: the practice of knowing the colors and numbers of objects, with eyes closed.


‘Seeing’ what is written on the cards, blindfolded.


Identifying the pictures in a book, blindfolded.


Looking at the pictures they were able to discern, first day of ‘seeing without using the eyes’.


Memory game next level! Can you sense where the animal you’re looking for is hiding… and then get it in one go?!

Playing memory together with the newly developed skill of ‘just knowing’… this game will never be the same again!

– What did you like most about the course?  “The practicing. And then I saw my father and my mother. I saw everything.”

– And what did you like most about the course?  “Me too. And that we played. And that we played ball.”

– What did you like most while wearing the mask?  “Everything. I liked everything. Playing.”

– Remember the games we played, which one did you find the most fun of all?  “The Twister was very funny.” 

– What do you think you can do with this new superpower?  “See almost as normal with the eyes open.” 


“About the course, it started with a lot of curiosity. I approached the course even without knowing much, I didn’t know anything about it, but I was curious. Because friends told me things that happened and it fascinated me. By experiencing it with the girls and seeing things happening, that is very surprising. Because you realise that the things that are happening you can not imagine if you do not see them happening. For me it has been a great experience in that way.”


“The girls experienced the course with great enthusiasm. Everyday they arrived here wanting to see what they were going to “see” compared to the previous day. And at the end they always told us: “today I saw this!” So they are excited about everything they have done and experienced. They are still curious about the session they will do today, which is the last one. And even more curious about what they can later do at home with the practice of the mask.”


“The phrases that most caught my attention when the girls finished the session was that they got to perceive the colors ‘without seeing them’. For it is a seeing ‘without seeing’, a perceiving. Which is a different word, which makes a lot of difference, the difference between seeing with eyes and perceiving with covered eyes.” 


“What I noticed in the girls with the intuitive learning of the course was a special security in perceiving themselves and in relation to their environment.”


“I would surely recommend the course for children, and adults too. Because it would be good for all of us to reach a way of perceiving more authentic, more intuitive. Recover it and not lose it. Therefore, I think it is important for children, as they will be the next adults. Let’s train now this way of perceiving.”