Intuition training for children

Discover your superpowers

By nature, children are in close connection with their intuition. The aim of this training is to support the children in maintaining this connection, so that they can continue to benefit from it for the rest of their lives.

The course consists of a combination of physical exercises (like brain gym and yoga), practices for relaxation and focus, meditations, visualisations and games. The children will experience their capacities to receive information beyond perceiving with the physical senses. Like identifying colors without seeing them with the eyes.

Through synchronisation of the brain, the cooperation between the hemispheres is stimulated and new connections are being created. This means more balance between the hemispheres of the brain, and therefor more balance overall.

The special combination of exercises stimulates the ‘whole brain development’, which boosts the capability of processing information and learning new things. In a natural way, the training can help children with dyslexia to improve their reading skills.

The benefits of this training
  • A boost for self confidence
  • New neural pathways for more connections in the brain
  • Balance between the hemispheres of the brain; more balance overall
  • Heightened creativity and creative problem solving
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Sharp memory and expanded capacity for processing information
  • Strong trust in authentic perception and inner knowing
  • Reading and learning with more speed, ease and flow
Practical information

This intuition course for children we provide as an in-house training: It’s possible for organisations (for example schools) to book the training for their students, and for private persons to book the training for a group of 3 to 6 children. It’s also possible to have a private training, see: coaching for children.

During the training days there will be healthy snacks and drinks. The children receive a magic mask and personalised exercises for their continuing practice at home.

This training includes a meeting where parents and caretakers have the opportunity to share experiences and ask questions.

To book this training or for any questions, feel free to contact us.