Intuition Training

What would the world be like if we all live in connection with our intuition? When we make choices from our heart, and contribute to a loving world by using our unique talents? 

Intuition for Life offers practical and experience oriented intuition training for adults and children. To activate, strengthen, and learn to trust your intuitive powers.


Upcoming events

Fall 2020:

Awaken your hidden powers – basic training for adults 27 & 28 September in Amsterdam

This training is about connecting with your innate intuitive capacities. You will learn decision making through your inner wisdom and creating according to what feels true to you. During this training you will strengthen the connection you have with your senses, and you will also learn to perceive beyond the physical senses.

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Discover your superpowers – basic training for children 18 & 19 October in Amsterdam

By nature, children are in close connection with their intuition. The aim of this training is to support the children in maintaining this connection, so that they can benefit from it for the rest of their lives. The combination of exercises in the training stimulates the ‘whole brain development’, which boosts the capability of processing information and learning new things.

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Winter 2020:

Awaken your hidden powers & Deepen your Intuitive skills – basic and advanced training 4 / 8 December in Fuerteventura 

In the first part of this training you will connect with your intuitive capabilities. You will learn to make choices from the heart, and how you can use this for creating your life in a way that is aligned with your authentic self. It’s all about experiencing, connected with your heart and the whole.

During the second part of this training you will take your newly activated intuitive skills to a new level. Fine-tuning your capacities. We work with consciously directing focus, attention and intention. The process includes meditations for deep transformation and tools to co-create your life your way.

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