What would the world be like if we all live in connection with our intuition? When we make choices from our heart, and contribute to a loving world by using our unique talents? 

Intuition for Life offers practical and experience oriented intuition training for adults and children. To activate, strengthen, and learn to trust your intuitive powers.


Our level 1 trainings:

“Healing with the power of gratitude”

Theme workshop for adults

In this one day workshop you will explore the true power of gratitude. You will come to know it as a high vibrational living energy that has magical and transformative qualities. We will go through different layers. Gratitude starts as a practice. Then it becomes a habit. From there it grows into a way of life, and eventually it is a state of being. During the workshop you will practice with exercises to integrate gratitude into your life. You will also learn to use gratitude to connect with limitless possibilities and welcome in unexpected solutions. Read more about this workshop

“Awaken your hidden powers”

Level 1 intuition training for adults

This training is about connecting with your innate intuitive capacities, so that you can access your inner source of wisdom and knowledge. You will learn to make decisions that are beneficial for you and that are in alignment with what feels true to you. During this training you will strengthen the connection you have with yourself and with your senses. You will also practice perceiving beyond the physical senses, so that you learn to receive guidance from a higher source. Read more about this training

“Discover your superpowers”

Level 1 intuition training for children

By nature, children are in close connection with their intuition. The aim of this training is to support the children in maintaining this connection, so that they can benefit from it for the rest of their lives. The combination of exercises in the training stimulates the ‘whole brain development’, which boosts the capability of processing information and learning new things. Read more about this training


What clients say:

About “Healing with the power of gratitude”:

“I felt so much gratitude today, it was beautiful.”

“I am still in the afterglow of that day. Loved being with you all and sharing and experiencing.” 

“Thank you beautiful ladies! Once again your workshop does so much good to me!!!” 

About “Awaken your hidden powers”:

“What a fantastic weekend! I felt likt a child in a toy store who finally got to play again with the toys that were so normal to her when she was young but that she had somehow lost while growing up… I got inspired and am now practicing regularly. Thanks for your loving guidance A&A, partners in shine. You give enjoyment, trust and safety. In short: highly recommended.”

– Camie Bonger, actrice and theater maker

About “Discover your superpowers”:

“Super recommended! My girls did this course and it is true that it gives you something magical:
the ability to perceive your essence, the possibility of recognizing your value, the opportunity to train your superpowers. And all this, “playing”!!! Thank you Alissa for sharing your ‘super powers’ with my girls. Thank you Sara and Cristina for accompanying on this journey.”

– Sara Lagrotteria, mother of twin girls in Fuerteventura

Read more about what clients say