Intuïtie training & tools for life

Hoe zou de wereld er uitzien als we leven in verbinding met onze intuïtie? Als we keuzes maken vanuit het hart, en we bijdragen aan een liefdevolle wereld door onze unieke talenten in te zetten? 

Intuition for Life biedt trainingen om het contact met de unieke en natuurlijke intuïtieve gaven te versterken. 


Superkrachten Training 

Intuïtie training voor kinderen

Kinderen zijn van nature nog heel dichtbij hun intuïtie. Met deze training willen wij ze begeleiden in het behouden van die connectie, zodat ze daar de rest van hun leven profijt van blijven hebben.  De combinatie van oefeningen in deze training stimuleert de ontwikkeling van het hele brein en de samenwerking tussen beide hersenhelften. Dat maakt dat de capaciteiten om informatie te verwerken en om nieuwe dingen te leren worden gestimuleerd. Ook kunnen de kinderen hun eigen superpowers gaan ontdekken, zoals zien zonder de ogen te gebruiken.  lees verder

Nieuwsgierig? Op ons YouTube kanaal staan video’s die een indruk geven van deze training.

Turn on your inner GPS 

Intuition training in Fuerteventura

A four day training to activate, discern and learn to trust your intuition. The first day is an introduction to the various ways in which we can receive intuitive information. We also start a practice opening up the view and broaden the perspective. On the second day we concentrate on healing: resolving limiting beliefs, and unhealed pain and confusion in the energy field. The third day is about asking the right questions and making conscious decisions. On the fourth day it all comes together. The tools and techniques help you co-create a life you love. read more


About the intuition training for children Superpower Training in Fuerteventura

“Super recommended! My girls did this course and it is true that it gives you something magical:
the ability to perceive your essence, the possibility of recognizing your value, the opportunity to train your superpowers. And all this, “playing”!!! Thank you Alissa for sharing your ‘super powers’ with my girls. Thank you Sara and Cristina for accompanying on this journey.”

Sara Lagrotteria, mother of Beatrice and Margherita

About the intuition training Turn on your inner GPS in Fuerteventura

“The course is perfectly structured. The trainer Alissa is engaging and her smile instills calm and tranquility. We have been supported and pampered, thanks also to Sara who translated everything for us. I recommend this course to explore one’s inner self.”

Anna Cavagnoli, writer and writing coach

About the workshop Healing with the power of gratitude

“Thank you beautiful ladies! Once again your workshop does so much good to me!!!” 

Mylène Peron, art director

About the intuition training Awaken your hidden powers 

“What a fantastic weekend! I felt likt a child in a toy store who finally got to play again with the toys that were so normal to her when she was young but that she had somehow lost while growing up… I got inspired and am now practicing regularly. Thanks for your loving guidance A&A, partners in shine. You give enjoyment, trust and safety. In short: highly recommended!”

Camie Bonger, actrice and theater maker

About the intuition retreat Tune in and ride the wave in Fuerteventura

“I really liked your loving presence. And your approach. It was very focused. Because you always set the focus on intention. I enjoyed the visualisations, to really imagine things that I would like to happen. And I found it very helpful to formulate intentions. You are doing a great job and I hope you will inspire a lot of people with these techniques. When I came back home, I felt so much more relaxed. And I feel so much more love for myself and my surroundings. Your training had a big part in bringing about this new mood that I’m in. It’s really, really great.” 

Martin Herzberg, professional pianist, Berlin


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