About Alissa


Ever since I remember I’ve had a passion for the ‘evolution of consciousness’. For me, this is about the development and expansion of our awareness, both individually and as a collective. Increasingly experiencing a connection with our essence; our source of being. Expressed in daily life through experiences and by learning, growing and flourishing.

Positive change

After graduating law in 2002 at the University of Amsterdam, I worked as a legal counsel for large corporations. When I started mindfulness meditation in 2011, this awakened a fire within me. A strong remembrance, and an unstoppable drive to explore further. It was like I could suddenly see the possibilities that somehow I had always known existed. Possibilities for positive change, from within.


I traveled to find the training I felt most inspired for. In the Netherlands, Belgium, Hawaii and Costa Rica. And online from the Unites States, New Zealand and Malaysia. I was trained and certified as an intuitive life coach, a teacher for yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and a trainer for whole brain development. I am a certified coach and facilitator for various transformation methods, like Psych-KLive The Connection and ThetaHealing.


I am inspired by many teachings. In particular work by Penney Peirce, Jeffrey Allen, Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsch. The most profound teachings I receive from Life, being with my children, and… dolphins! 

Way of perceiving

During my journey of self development I gradually came to recognise how consciousness – Life itself – is constantly unfolding.  And how we as human beings are part of that development. The life force energy that is all around us is also moving through us. And it’s helping us to evolve: to learn, grow and flourish. With this came the remembrance that it’s actually possible to consciously participate in this process, and to thereby ‘co-create with Life’.


What I also discovered is that I naturally perceive the essence of things. For people, essence is the version of us that is free of conditioning. Our source; our spirit; that clear center of being. Inextricably part of the whole, the source, while also equipped with unique gifts and talents. This way of perceiving works like a mirror: when I see it in you, it becomes visible for you as well.


Then it also becomes visible what is holding you back from fully living that authentic version of your self. With transformation and integration comes freedom to live more of your potential. And when you shine and radiate your energy from there, it is directly mirrored back to you in your day to day life: that which you express and experience is then coming into alignment with who you naturally are.


Listening to your inner voice and allowing yourself to be guided by your intuition means tapping into an infinite source of intelligence and support. What I’ve found in my life is that the more I do that, the more my life is becoming a good fit with what feels true to me. And the more joy, connection and flow I experience in my life. Where I strive to welcome the ‘happy coincidences’ and the ‘opportunities for growth’ with an equal level of gratitude ; )


It brings me great happiness to share what I’ve learned. I like to combine the various elements into my own synthesis, personally attuned in the moment. Like ingredients combining as a unique recipe. 


I believe that with each step we take in our personal development, we contribute to creating more space and more freedom. For our happiness, for the evolution of consciousness, and for the flourishing of a loving world. It brings me great joy to guide in that process.